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Parent Center

What should dancers wear for the Finale?
They will wear their DancIn’spiration t-shirt, dancer’s choice for bottoms.

Do dancers need a specific shoe for finale?
Jazz shoe or no shoes.

Should parents be present to supervise their child during lunch or dinner break?
No, your studio director will have staff on-site to supervise.

Can parents watch the masterclass or rehearsal?
No, this is a closed rehearsal. Thank you for understanding.

Do teachers/chaperones stay to watch the masterclass?
Yes, your studio’s staff will be present throughout the day.

Will tickets be available for sale the day of the event?
Yes, tickets will be available 1 hour prior to show time at the door.

Can parents take their child to dinner?
No.  Phoenix show:  Studio directors will organized dinner.
San Diego show: Dinner is provided

Can parents come backstage to touch up makeup or hair?
No.  Only studio staff members are permitted backstage.

Studio Owners

How long should our studio bio be? 
Approximately 1-2 paragraphs